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Do you know that automated voice at the end of a customer service experience? The one that asks about the quality of your interaction today and allows you the opportunity to give some feedback. How often do you respond and spend some time giving feedback?

I’d guess that if you really had a poor experience then you would let the company know about it. Give them a piece of your mind and a zero-star review. Likewise, if you had a fantastic experience then you might feel inclined to say thanks with a five star review. But what if everything was satisfactory, just OK, and you are in a hurry, would you bother staying on the call or would you just hang up and get on with your day?

This is the problem with most feedback. We ask customers to rate service and yet they are short on time. Nobody really wants to wait around giving feedback and most people are only inclined to make that effort if something exceptionally good or bad is worth reporting.

Forrester Research recently reported on the best platforms for gathering customer feedback, but importantly they also noted that only 42% of companies are actually using any kind of technology system for gathering feedback. The best kind of feedback would be that recorded during the actual customer interaction without needing to specifically ask for feedback.

In fact, there are four distinct steps required when planning a Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme:

  1. Listening: What are my customers saying about me on all channels?
  2. Interpreting: Making sense of the information collected while listening.
  3. Acting: Based on insights gleaned during interpretation, prescribing and deploying appropriate actions through resolution.
  4. Monitoring: How am I doing? What is my customer satisfaction score? Are the actions I am taking result in loyal customers?

Customer Feedback Management is a critical part of a VoC programme and the Forrester data shows that many companies are clearly not managing to gather good enough data to really have a good idea what their customers really think.

What is your own experience of trying to manage an effective feedback strategy? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

Photo by Antonio Roberts licensed under Creative Commons.

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