The recommended books about CX
Tackling A List Of Recommended Books On CX

I saw a recent blog post one the Forrester Research website featuring a list of books on the Customer Experience. I thought this might help me identify a few good books to check out as we head into 2017. However, there are 60 books on the list! That’s more like an entire business book section in the bookstore rather than a few choice recommendations!

I know that many of the more academic titles are interesting and worthy, mainly because of the cases studies, but the truth is that is you are not a business student then most managers don’t read many business books – they are too busy actually selling or running real teams to just read about it. If they are reading at all then it’s usually fiction so they can escape from work.

However, I have noticed a trend towards short and sharp business communication that is fun and interesting and does make people stop and think. Look at Marketoonist for a great example. In this cartoon, Tom Fishburne captures many of the problems around the in-store customer journey in around 15 words and an image.


The acronym TLDR is becoming more common on blogs and articles today. It means ‘too long; didn’t read’ and indicates that the reader didn’t have enough patience to progress to the end of the article. I’ve never seen it yet on one of my blogs (I’m sure a colleague will add it now) but I understand the sentiment.

Bite-Sized Books is a publisher I have noticed recently. All their business books are 10,000 words or less, meaning you can read a book in about half an hour. That’s a great format as it gives enough scope for information without overwhelming the busy manager.

But I still really love the cartoon format. We can learn a lot from people like the Marketoonist, and it hardly requires any time at all.

Photo by Thomas Hawk licensed under Creative Commons.

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