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It’s the results season again and I’m pleased to say that the Teleperformance Q1 results are looking good. We saw very strong sales growth with revenue up 11.7%, which is in line with analyst expectations and is the twentieth straight quarter that we have exceeded 5% growth.

Although EMEA is a very developed market, in our region alone we grew revenue 5.4%. We have seen strong growth is in Greece, where the Group, as in Lisbon, is benefiting from the success of its multilingual platforms from some of the fastest growing industry markets in the region like e-tailing, online travel agencies, consumer electronics and Inside Sales programs.

These strong results really back up what Forbes magazine wrote last year about the value of being a trustworthy company. In fact, in the modern networked economy basic values, such as trust, are becoming more important than ever in the buying decision.

It’s also exciting to see a clear correlation between our people strategy and business performance – Teleperformance Greece was recently named one of the best workplaces in Europe by the Best Place To Work Institute.

We value our people to add value to your brand. Teleperformance’s business strategy success is highly correlated to the satisfaction of its employees. Our unique focus on people, backed by our experienced and committed management team, ensures we meet our client requirements and their customer needs. Our people strategy states: “Happy employees make happy customers, which makes happy clients, and happy shareholders.”

Building a great team and generating trust with our clients is how we are managing to achieve consistent business success. In an industry that depends on people, a well-defined people strategy is essential.

Let me know what you think of the latest Teleperformance results or our people strategy by leaving a comment here or get in touch directly with any questions via my LinkedIn.

Please join me in congratulating our CEMEA teams from operations to new business sales on a great start to Q1 2017.

Photo by Luchezar Stoilov licensed under Creative Commons.

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