My Ten (10) Year Teleperformance Tenure
MAY 25 2016 PEOPLE STRATEGY My Ten (10) Year Teleperformance Tenure

I’m extremely proud to announce that this June marks my tenth anniversary with Teleperformance throughout which I have been employed in a business development role.

It’s been a great decade during which I have seen customer service change and evolve more than at any other time in history. Ten years ago there was no iPhone and only the earliest of adopters were exploring social networks. What a difference a few years can make, who’d have thought for instance that I would be logging into the Linkedin mobile App and Pulse or even publishing blogs via my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

The new digital economy has profoundly changed the way that people are communicating and this has consequently changed their relationship and engagements with brands. Customer demands are greater and change is expected faster than ever.

Companies need to move new ideas to market faster than ever before and manage a far more complex customer journey.

I have worked on a multitude of amazing projects during my ten-year “TP” tenure; assisting visionary start-ups, virtual organisations and global leaders deliver their customer relationship strategies in line with their business objectives. Among my favourite highlights are:

  • Helping our Internet TV partner achieve one of, if not the best customer service ratings of any online corporation worldwide as they grow and expand into new markets; our launch events in new territories and cable-car rides to our operations with their CEO, simply memorable!
  • Assisting the SMB Client Service team of renowned online social networking service grow revenues through B2B customer education, solution adoption and consultative support on its vast array of advertising product options
  • Transitioning the in-house customer service operations of a leading global eye healthcare organisation from 17 sites and 12 countries to a single multilingual “centre of excellence” operation in order to simplify and harmonise all customer processes to enhance the customer experience for their B2B client base, while saving €€€’s in the process
  • Supporting the world’s leading learning company, intent on transforming education to make a real difference to the lives of billions of leaners worldwide, to integrate, standardise and professionalise the way it supports learners in Europe and the Middle East

I could go on……

I have worked with some fantastic companies in the past decade, from multiple vertical markets, and as you can see from just these few examples, achieving success today requires a very complex customer service operation especially when it needs to operate across borders and languages.

I believe Teleperformance has contributed to our client’s success because we have helped them to interact with their own customers in a way that ensures their customer are happy – for my own part, I have Teleperformance to thank for allowing me to make things happen courtesy of the differentiating strength of our offering as well as entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking that imbues daily life for 190,000+ employees and our clients.

All these companies have found that high-quality interactions with their customers improve the customer journey, create loyalty, and generate brand advocates and fans. Ultimately this improved relationship with customers leads to increased revenue – the bottom line is what counts and customers vote with their wallets for brands that offer great service.

I still don’t feel that every corporate executive appreciates just how much the customer journey has changed in this past decade, but if they still don’t understand then they soon will. The customer relationship is becoming the key point between a brand and the customer; it’s not just a post-sale service call any longer.

This engagement and the creation of a real relationship is completely redefining how companies need to market their products – the customer journey requires a brand to build trust and our partners need a reliable support team that can deliver the highest performance levels and security standards.

“Teleperformance Multilingual Euro Hubs” have been augmented with the above in mind. Playing an active role in the expansion of such in the past few years has been tremendously satisfying and among the best highlights of my TP career. From our network of hubs in strategic locations, Athens, Bucharest, Cairo, Lisbon and Maastricht, our native and near-native multilingual people interact with our client’s customers in their own language. The investment and development of this centralised solution has enabled many global clients achieve their goals to simplify and optimise the customer experience, all the while minimising costs and maximising customer satisfaction.

Although I have worked on some marvellous projects with incredible companies, and have been fortunate and lucky enough to travel to places across the globe I could only dream of, meeting and working with truly inspiring people from different backgrounds and cultures has been the most unforgettable and rewarding aspect of my own Teleperformance customer experience journey.

I’d love to think that many of these people will remain lifelong friends.

Teleperformance’s passion for people beliefs which has been honed over the years is not just right from a human standpoint given the nature of our business, (people connecting with people), it also produces tangible business results. Treating people well and giving them personal and professional development opportunities go hand-in-hand with consistently strong results and allows us to set an appropriate leadership standard for our entire industry to follow. In fast-paced and dynamic service, and sales environments, with multiple and complex products and services, the correlation between tenure and performance cannot be over-emphasised.

Testimony to Teleperformance’s people philosophy is the significant recognition gained year-upon-year in many countries around the world for being a wonderful company to work for from organizations like Great Place to Work® Best Companies and Aon Hewitt’s Global Best Employers™.

I can’t talk about people without special mention of course to my supportive and wonderful wife, Carol, who appreciates that I have to be away from home regularly and doesn’t complain, at least not very often! Life without her would be like a broken pencil…..pointless.

All in all, it has been an extraordinary decade not only for me personally, but also the industry and of course for Teleperformance which I have seen grow to almost 200,000 people, serving 850+ highly-selective clients from a continuously expanding global contact centre network which today comprises 311 operations.

How will the next decade change the customer experience? I’m not going to make any prediction here, but I see major opportunities within the captive in-house market as organisations realise the need for absolute performance consistency and dependability regardless of the communication channel. With technologies such as Virtual Reality dropping in price this year to just a few hundred dollars, and the $200bn Chatbot disruption I think we might see even more rapid adjustments in the way that businesses interact with customers.

This is one industry that never gets boring – roll on the next 10-years!

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