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I’ve written over 20 blogs this year on LinkedIn. I stopped to think about this when I saw an editorial in the Observer last weekend where it was strongly argued that people should not be blogging on LinkedIn. The author suggests that platforms allowing anyone to write anything are not offering any value or quality.

I disagree. We are in a new era of publishing where there are no longer any barriers to entry and this does mean that there are poor quality posts on LinkedIn, but the same applies to videos on YouTube and books on Amazon.

However, the articles that get shared amongst your trusted business network are the ones you are likely to read so the gatekeeper role has just shifted from a publisher or editor to your own network.

I would argue that this is actually a more effective way of curating the content that is interesting to you. So long as you maintain a LinkedIn network of people from your industry or others who are of interest to you then it is highly likely that the content they produce and share will be of interest.

The LinkedIn Pulse blogging network is a very powerful tool for executives to talk about their industry. My own focus is customer experience and I think that if you go back and look at my blog history you can see that I use this platform as a place to share ideas, thoughts, and to trigger discussion with peers. If I just wrote endless pieces about how great my company is then do you think anyone would read them? That’s advertising and all of us try our best to avoid ads when possible.

Pulse is a smart strategy by LinkedIn. LinkedIn built a social network of people across just about every industry and now they are populating the network with content at no cost to themselves, except for some internal editors who filter out the most interesting articles for the news channels.

The best way to demonstrate your professional competence is to just get on with your job, to just do it, but the next best way to show your professional network that you have ideas is to talk about them. LinkedIn really facilitates this sharing of ideas and that’s why I’m going to keep blogging on Pulse in 2016.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons by Nan Palmero.

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