Corporate Culture Influences The Customer Experience
Corporate Culture

An article about the culture of customer experience in Forbes magazine caught my eye this week. There are flaws in the commentary, such as suggesting that the customer experience was initially only about software, but the main argument is true – that the experience a customer has when interacting with a brand depends largely on the corporate culture in place at that organisation.

Business schools teach strategy focused on the connection between people, process, and systems. This highlights the complexity of changing the way that a business works. You can’t just buy new software – you also need to change the processes and train the people.

But underlying all the interactions between the brand and customer is the agent, whether it’s a voice or social media interaction. If the agent does not want to be at work then they will not represent the brand well.

But a healthy corporate culture is difficult to fake. You can’t just create an environment overnight where people enjoy their work and therefore are happy to put in any extra effort required to please a customer. As the Forbes analysis says, customer experience as a strategy is still evolving quickly, but I think that it is just as important to focus on the people as on the processes and metrics involved.

I was thinking about this when I saw a video on YouTube summarising the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of Teleperformance in 2015. Many companies use a charitable donation almost as a nice page in their annual report – it looks nice but it is not changing the way that the employees of the company behave. Teleperformance is quite different.

Our Citizen of The World programme has raised over $24m over the past nine years to help people all over the world – the floods in South Carolina last year, the Ebola outbreak in Africa as well as helping children in the Philippines and Nepal get an education. The Teleperformance team has donated over 276,000 hours of their time and donated blood over 38,000 times improving the lives of over 1.1m people.

Our Citizen of The Planet programme encourages employees to find ways to cut paper and electricity use. We measure the carbon footprint per employee across the entire company and every year we have measured it, we have reduced it. Our Mexico offices will switch over to completely renewable power next year meaning their carbon footprint will plummet by over 80%!

But while it is great to list all these activities, I’m connecting them all back to that Forbes article saying that you can’t achieve a great customer experience without a healthy corporate culture. Our CSR approach and governance is led right from the top by our founder and Chairman, Daniel Julien. As the video describes, the culture at Teleperformance is extremely healthy and encourages an interaction with the community around the company. I can’t think of a better way to empower the team and make them feel that they can make a difference to the world – in and outside of the office. 

For more information on the various CSR efforts undertaken by Teleperformance in 2015 please click here.

Photo by NASA licensed under Creative Commons.

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