McKinsey Says CEOs Need To Focus On CX
Customer Experience

McKinsey recently published some interesting new research titled “The CEO Guide to Customer Experience”. The headline result from the research is that leaders who focus on designing their company to focus on the needs of the customer can reduce costs by 15-25% and see revenue gains of 10% all within 2 to 3 years.

That’s a bold claim, but there have been many similar reports focused on the tangible results of focusing on the customer. What is interesting about this new McKinsey research though is that they are focused on a cultural change – not just introducing new metrics focused on CX.

Clearly if you redesign your company so the customer is at the heart of what you do then results should follow. McKinsey argue that there are many benefits across a wide area – not just the revenue increase and cost decrease.

  1. You can get better insight into customer behaviour if your processes are designed around the way customers behave – and it’s easy and fast to get these insights.
  2. Your employees will be happier working in an environment that is focused on the customer.
  3. This improved employee relationship will create a situation where customer loyalty is improved because they can see that processes are working better.

Today’s customer is well informed and has high expectations. It’s more important that ever to design your services around those expectations. You can read the McKinsey CEO report here… Let me know what you think about this research by leaving a comment here or getting in touch via my LinkedIn…

Photo by Garrett Yoshimura licensed under Creative Commons.

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