Messengers Are Already Used For CX
Messengers Are Here For CX Today

I was surprised to read a feature article on chat messengers and customer service in TechCrunch recently. Not that TechCrunch doesn’t cover CX stories, but the article takes such a negative view on how companies use technology to serve their customers.

In the opening paragraph the article starts by suggesting that companies designed their customer service to be extremely difficult to penetrate so that customers find it almost impossible to complain. Later in the feature it concedes that with services like Facebook Messenger, it is becoming far easier for customers to interact with brands.

However, even in the concession this feature talks about customer service via Messenger being something that’s coming soon. Perhaps the author might want to check back to see some of my own blogs, articles, and white paper links all about how companies are already using tools like Messenger and WhatsApp?

As anyone involved in working with major brands knows, offering a great customer experience has a cash value. It increases the revenue of your business. Nobody is seriously making it hard for customers to send a complaint. Actually, most brands are now making it as easy as possible for customers to send messages and review, or rate, their products. Brands actively want to build a relationship with their customers.

Every company I’m talking has also either initiated a Messenger-based customer service channel or has started planning how they can implement one. This is not future-gazing, you can order many products using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp already.

Sometimes we all have to take what we read in the press with a pinch of salt, but I’m used to ignoring celebrity news, not technology features in respected journals. If TechCrunch need some better-informed comment on how chat is really working across the world today then I’d be happy to offer them a blog featuring some real examples of real companies making chat-based communication with customers work today. Just get in touch with me via LinkedIn.

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