The Human Touch Is Still Essential To Make Customers Feel Special

Does your brand make customers feel special? It’s an important question, especially when considering the luxury goods market. If a customer is buying luxury brands and the brand does not make them feel special then something is wrong.

But this feeling comes not only from the purchase itself. How the customer feels is much more likely to be related to the experience they have when interacting with the brand – the wider customer experience. According to research published in Chief Marketer, only 20% of customers say that brands make them feel special. That’s a problem generally, but even more so for luxury brands.

Creating a positive customer experience is essential in such a competitive marketplace, but as the Bond Brand Loyalty Report research demonstrates, it’s essential to retain the human touch – whether in-store or in a contact centre. Despite self-service and automation all being important topics for customer service executives to manage, it’s still the human touch that defines the brand to customer relationship.

When agents or in-store staff make loyal customers feel special or recognised this research shows that there is 2.7 times more satisfaction and loyalty than would usually exist. There are interesting omnichannel opportunities too. Customers are 75% more likely to make a purchase on a different channel if they have just received a great experience – so a highly satisfied in-store customer is much more motivated to make a purchase online.

There are several new technologies emerging that are likely to transform the customer experience in the next couple of years, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality being just a couple of examples. However despite these technological developments, there is no replacement for the human-to-human interaction when aiming to create a great customer experience.

If customer service executives want to succeed in this environment they need to take the findings of this research on board. Be aware on new technologies and how they can be used, but also be aware that customers still want to feel special and the best way to do that is by empowering your human team to improve the customer experience.

What do you think about retaining the human touch with so many new technologies changing the customer experience? Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

Photo by Aidan licensed under Creative Commons.

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